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Gian Carlo


For 3 generations

The Bozza family

The Montina winery was founded in April 1987 by the initiative of Vittorio, Gian Carlo, and Alberto Bozza, three brothers who, from a young age until today, have drawn their passion for the land and winemaking from the countryside and its traditions.

Their father, Fioravante Antonio (known as Fiore), with hands stained with the typical color of winemakers, had always worked the vineyards and produced red wine. Their mother, Vittoria Gaia (known as Gina), managed her own Osteria in the heart of Monticelli Brusati, the ancestral village of the entire family.

Today, the values of the Bozza family are also preserved by their grandchildren Michele, Daniele, and Anna, who interpret them with respect and sensitivity to the challenges of modern times.


Hospitality manager

The estate is the physical place where we cultivate relationships and our wines.
It is designed to welcome people and the fruits of our land.

The history

The history of Montina

since 1620

The earliest records of Montina date back to 1620 when the owner of the manor house was a noble Brescian family headed by Benedetto Montini – ancestor of Pope Paul VI – whose surname originated the toponym Montina.

Since then, this small locality, which includes not only the vineyard lands but also the surrounding hill, has been called Montina.

Passing through various hands over the centuries, by around 1970, the estate – in a state of serious neglect – was home to a convent of Dorotea’s Sisters, who later moved to Valcamonica.

So it was in 1982: three of the seven Bozza brothers, namely Gian Carlo, Vittorio, and Alberto, purchased the property from the Dorotea’s Nuns in Contrada Baiana, 36 plot (about 12 hectares) of land including woods and vineyards, with a farmhouse and convent.

Their goal was to produce Franciacorta. The work in the vineyards went at the same pace with the construction of the cellar, completely buried in the hill and imperceptible from the outside, where aging galleries, vinification room, and barrel cellar were dug.

Additional land was gradually added, reaching the current 72 hectares, spread across 7 municipalities in Franciacorta.

The cellar was also expanded in 2008 and today, in its entirety, has a storage capacity of approximately 3,000,000 bottles and extends over 7,450 m² underground,ensuring the lowest possible temperature variation throughout the year (around 13°-16°C), an optimal condition for the proper maturation of Franciacorta.

Purchase of lands and Villa Baiana.

Purchase of one hectare of land and Villa Baiana, historic home of Benedetto Montini, ancestor of Pope Paul VI.

Birth of the Winery.

Construction work on the 2500 square meter winery begins.

La Montina

The Bozza brothers founded Montina and the first harvest was carried out.

Cellars Expansion.

The first extension of the cellar by 3000 square meters.

Construction of the vertical Marmonier press.

Realization of the vertical Marmonier press.

Contemporary Art Gallery

The contemporary art gallery is inaugurated.

Ac Milan

Partnership AC MILAN

Pallacanestro Brescia

Partnership with Pallacanestro Brescia

SQNPI Certification.

SQNPI Certification.

New Congress Center.

The new conference center is built in the cellar.

logo montina
Montina Rebranding.

The logo and corporate image are changed. We become Montina.

Not only wine…



Villa Baiana



Our store open to the public

In our wine shop open to the public, you can taste and purchase all our products.

Our dedicated staff will guide you in discovering the various types of Franciacorta, as well as in food pairings.

At the wine shop, you can also book your personalized gifts, such as wedding favors, bottles for celebrations, or corporate gifts.

On the shelves, you will find our Franciacorta in various formats, gift packs with wine accessories, local gastronomic products, grappa, and our most precious vintage bottles.

Our staff is delighted to welcome you every day, including weekends.


The residence of fine dinning

The historic residence dates back to 1620, owned by Benedetto Montini. Acquired in 1982 by Bozza brothers Gian Carlo, Vittorio, and Alberto Bozza, the elegant structure of Villa Baiana harmoniously blends into the estate, surrounded by a splendid park populated by ancient trees that narrate the story of our land.

High cuisine, master pastry chefs, and environments suitable for hosting private and corporate events in Franciacorta.

Today, the Villa is a residence structured on three levels. Inside, there are lounges with different styles and atmospheres, suitable for hosting events from 30 to 300 guests, united by elegance and sophistication.

The cuisine and pastry of Villa Baiana can be experienced during public events organized throughout the year.


Exhibitions in Franciacorta

For Gian Carlo Bozza, one of the three founding brothers of the winery, there are three things that best represent Italy: good wine, good food, and art.
And so, from a sincere passion for art and culture, the Contemporary Art Gallery was born within the winery.

Montina was the first winery in Europe to host an art gallery inside, as well as a permanent exhibition of works by Milanese artist Remo Bianco (Milan 1922 – 1988). His paintings, sculptures, and works are displayed in various spaces, from the cellar to the Villa, to clearly and comprehensively represent all the artist’s painting periods and messages.

Periodically, the gallery hosts exhibitions by national and international contemporary artists, whose works are brought to life in the unique museum-like journey that winds through majestic rooms, cellars, barrels, and bottles resting on the yeast.

Art that knows how to engage, unite, and inspire, just like a glass of Franciacorta.