La Montina Quor : 5 grappoli Bibenda

“Franciacorta Quor Nature 2016: 5 Grappoli from Bibenda Guide”

In this month of October, we celebrate grandparents, a tradition that has been observed since 2005. They hold great social influence and provide irreplaceable support.

Grandparents are the foundation of family history upon which all other stones rest.

For us at La Montina, grandparents hold a special significance, deeply connected with our passion and work.

Grandfather Fioravante Antonio, known as Fiore, worked the vineyards and produced red wine throughout his life, while Grandmother Vittoria Gaia, known as Gina, managed her own tavern in the heart of Monticelli Brusati.

If everything somehow began with them, so much continues from them.

When we started producing our most iconic Franciacorta, with 55% Chardonnay and 45% Pinot Noir grapes, no added dosage, and aged for several months in oak barrels, we needed a name that would exalt its connection to us and our history.

There was this letter that Grandfather Fiore wrote to his wife, which ended like this: “I can’t wait to hold you in my arms… You and our beloved children are always in my Quor.”

In this attention and tenderness lay our tradition, our heart, rather, our Quor. The choice of the name was made.

And in this month dedicated to grandparents, we are delighted to celebrate Quor with an award that makes us truly proud: “the 5 Grappoli awarded” by the Bibenda guide.

The Italian Sommelier Foundation, through its editorial branch, has once again documented the history, territory, and wines (along with their evaluations) of over 2,200 Italian wineries, totaling approximately 27,000 labels.

The evaluation of Excellence, for wines rated from 91/100 and above, was awarded 5 grappoli.

This is a result that fills us with joy for this Franciacorta, which speaks so much about us, produced in limited quantities using only the first pressings of La Montina’s oldest vineyards.

When tasting Quor, it is unexpected, bold, and emotional. Thanks to its time in wooden barrels, it offers round and welcoming notes.

An aroma of home. Our home.

Attestato 5 grappoli bibenda franciacorta QUor Nature 2016