Millesimato Brut

franciacorta millesimato brut montina
franciacorta millesimato brut montina

Millesimato Brut

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Obtained from grapes harvested only in the vintages and in the best vineyards. Composed of Chardonnay which gives elegance and finesse and Pinot Noir for structure and longevity.

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From this combination and from careful soft pressing using the Marmonier Vertical Press, a product with a characteristic gold color is born, a wine with unmistakable peculiarities. It has a soft foam with continuous and fine perlage. Equally fine olfactory sensations reveal charming aromas of yellow pulp fruit, but also light toasting. In the mouth it has a good acid verve with fullness and flavor of taste. Millesimato Brut goes well with all elaborate and succulent dishes.

Grapes variety

Chardonnay 70% Pinot Nero 30%


Golden yellow, with a fine and persistent perlage.

Sense of smell

Intense with hints of toasting and candied yellow fruit


Sweet and fresh


Toasted bread with butter and sardines.

Serving temperature
8° C

12% vol.

Available sizes
Classic 0,75 L