Franciacorta Expands Its Horizons in the US Market

Our president, Michele Bozza, recently returned from a business trip to the USA and shared his impressions and insights on the evolution of this important market.

“Dear wine enthusiasts and, in particular, Franciacorta lovers, I have just returned from an exciting trip to the United States, a crucial market in the global wine industry. The United States is the world’s largest wine consumption market, and Franciacorta is gaining ground in this important context.”

Journey Through Major US Cities

California: San Francisco

The first stop was San Francisco, California, one of the major wine production centers in the United States. During three to four intensive days, I participated in numerous tastings and meetings with Food and Beverage managers, providing an extraordinary opportunity to present the unique qualities of Franciacorta.

Cleveland, Ohio e Houston, Texas

After California, I traveled to Cleveland, Ohio, and then to Houston, Texas. Each city presented favorable market dynamics for consolidating Franciacorta’s presence.

Toronto, Canada

The trip continued to Toronto, where I met with our importers, reinforcing our commitment to expanding Franciacorta’s presence in North America.

Miami, Florida

Finally, I spent a couple of days in Miami, meeting our new importer and participating in tastings. Miami’s vibrant and diverse wine market shows great potential for Franciacorta.

Building the Franciacorta Brand in the USA

The US market is steadily growing for Franciacorta, but it requires continuous presence and promotion from us producers. Traveling to America always provides insights, as it is a very curious market, always attentive to what is happening in this part of the old continent, Europe. While Prosecco and Champagne currently dominate, Franciacorta is carving out its own space, thanks also to the diligent efforts of the Franciacorta Consortium.

Market Trends and New Opportunities for Franciacorta in the USA

There is an increasingly established trend for sparkling wines, partly because red and white wines with high alcohol content are currently struggling. Some people have asked about our position regarding zero-alcohol wine, indicating a trend we will need to consider for the future. Rosé wines, in particular, are gaining significant traction in the United States, especially in southern areas like Florida and California, where warm temperatures favor the consumption of softer, more pleasant wines.

Partnerships Increasing Visibility and Prestige of the Franciacorta Method

The existing partnerships between the Franciacorta Consortium and prominent events and organizations in the USA are fundamental to our strategy. Notably, our collaboration with the EMMY Awards, active for a couple of years, has increased visibility in the prestigious realm of American cinema. Additionally, the new partnership with Michelin USA represents another important milestone. This collaboration allows Franciacorta to be present alongside Michelin-starred establishments, further elevating our brand’s image and positioning..

New Image for Montina

Recently, during Vinitaly in April, we unveiled a new design for our Franciacorta Montina bottles. After nine years, it was time for a change. The new design features softer and pastel tones, giving our bottles a contemporary and very elegant look. The American market responded well to this rebranding, appreciating its coherence and distinctiveness.

Looking to the Future

The journey doesn’t end here. The US market offers enormous potential for Franciacorta. With continuous efforts and strategic partnerships, we are confident that Franciacorta will continue to carve out space on wine lists across the United States.