Sakura Japan Women’s Wine Awards

A female jury has evaluated our Franciacorta, and 2024 in Montina has begun with the right flavor!

The Sakura Japan Women’s Wine Awards is the largest international wine competition in Asia, which this year involved over 4,000 participants from more than 28 countries worldwide, demonstrating the high expectations that producers have for the Japanese market.

The competition is judged by an all-female jury, consisting of producers, sommeliers, winemakers, journalists, restaurant owners, importers, distributors, and industry experts.

The Sakura Awards began its journey in 2014 as the first international wine competition judged exclusively by women in Japan. Today, the competition’s results attract significant attention and interest both in Japan and abroad, encouraging the evolution of wine selection criteria from a female perspective.

The competition aims to select wines that perfectly complement Japanese culinary culture, promote the annual consumption of wine in Japan, and expand opportunities for women in the wine industry.

The awards won for our Franciacorta wines:

In Montina, we are pleased to announce that in the 2024 edition, three of our Franciacorta DOCG wines have received significant recognition:

Japan womens wine tempura la montina franciacorta
Japan womens wine sushi la montina franciacorta
Japan womens wine award gold medal la montina franciacorta
Japan womens wine award silver medal la montina franciacorta

Gold Medal for Extra Brut, a dry and lively wine. Hints of citrus flowers and dried fruit, concluding with pleasant toasty notes.

Gold Medal for Brut, an elegant and versatile wine that fully expresses Montina’s identity. Floral notes and hints of fresh fruit make it suitable for any occasion.

Silver Medal for Rosè Demi Sec, a stylish wine with pronounced softness. The aromas and flavors of this Franciacorta are typical of wild red berries accompanied by great freshness.

La Montina Franciacorta Brut: The perfect Franciacorta to match with the typical Japanese cusine!

Furthermore, our La Montina Franciacorta Brut has obtained two awards for pairings with typical Japanese cuisine: “Sushi award” and “Tempura award”,these awards were born from the jury’s desire to find wines beyond Asian borders that could nhance the typical dishes of Japanese cuisine giving added value to the dishes..

During the competition the wines are not served paired with the dishes but, thanks to the imagination and knowledge of the jury, it was possible to identify among the wines judged those that best combined with the Japanese and Asian culinary tradition.

It is a great satisfaction for us to know that our Franciacorta is appreciated in Asia. Proud of the awards achieved, we continue, as always, to work towards creating the highest quality Franciacorta wines. Excellence is our starting point!